RCSI would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new concept in Environmental and Safety Compliance Management. Each management program is designed with a five-step process to provide a site specific, systematic and structured approach to compliance management.

STEP 1 – The current status of the facility’s regulatory compliance programs are reviewed and deficiencies identified.

STEP 2 – Formal operational guidelines are developed in the form of a written environmental and safety management system manual.

STEP 3 – A compliance schedule is developed in conjunction with facility personnel.

STEP 4 – A scope of work is developed which allows the facility to select varying degrees of assistance from RCSI. The degree of assistance required will vary with the availability of facility personnel, compliance requirements, and budgetary restraints.

STEP 5 – The program is reviewed on an annual basis and modified to correct problems and address new regulatory requirements.

Goals of the Program

The Regulatory Compliance Management Program is designed to achieve the following goals for each facility:

  • Identify facility specific regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Establish a structured formal program that will insure that regulatory compliance requirements are addressed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Minimize facility compliance liability issues.
  • Provide a methodology to insure that regulatory compliance requirements are addressed adequately during personnel changes associated with rapid growth or downsizing.
  • Monitor, introduce and implement new regulatory requirements